What is the song we are singing, the dance we are dancing, the painting we are drawing, what music are we playing as we experience our present human existence on earth?

Surely, this question occupies almost every citizen on our planet: what on earth is our global society really about?

Is it still only about making money, amassing as much wealth as possible – often at the detriment of others –, being the number one, being driven by the rat race – in disharmony with nature, our bodies, our inner natures, and totally out of sync with the divine nature –, the artificial, and completely outdated societal and political dichotomy between right and left, writing another “rocket science book” and claiming it will change the world.

If it still is – and most of the time, it is –, do you really think that, this is the ultimate goal and satisfaction of our life on earth, our passage on this planet?

Think again!

Have you already thought about how people in Africa, Syria, and Bangladesh must be feeling, deeply feeling right now?

Do you really think they are an equal part of this still dominant equation?

Think again!

Talking, talking, so much talking, but what about walking the talk?

We have entered the era of global communication, and are so proud of being connected all the time to our boxes…

Do I hear you say: There is never been more communication (in real time) than in our present developed knowledge societies…

Could be, but what quality of communication?

Don’t you feel that there’s another major shift happening: from being real to becoming virtual?

I fully agree. We are living perhaps in the most exciting times ever in our human history…

Through the internet we can reach anybody and anything at any time with a mouse click…

And yet, what do we really share with others while clicking all day long?

What happened with the inner-net –the inner network – or with the human spirit?

Don’t you feel that this era needs to be redefined?

ERA meaning: Ethical Responsible Action!

And by the same token, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) should be reinvented as well as: Corporate Spiritual Responsibility…?

Isn’t it time to come out of the shadows of our boxes, to feel and think out of the box?

Isn’t it time to move beyond our comfort zone, our hidden agendas and our keeping up appearances?

Isn’t it time to make the real transition from being virtual and adrift to becoming a human being again?

And grasping what transpires behind that which appears?

What about saying hello again to each other on the street, in the bus and in the subway instead of being bogged down by your iPhone , iPpod,  iPad… which adds up to being i-centered all day.

What about looking people in the eyes again without fear… just to show and share who you really are: a loving and caring human being!

What a treat when you feel blessed by a smile, a tender hug, a tangible sign of respect and dignity. Don’t you agree that the time has come to make the real paradigm shift, one that really matters: from I to WE, to US; from competing with each other to working with one another, and from having to being?

The only thing you can’t have is, kind; you can only be kind…

GlobalVisionSharing.com is about BEING the difference, not merely making the difference!

Paradoxically, by BEING different (creative, intuitive, responsible, loving and caring), you become and are yourself…

And by becoming yourself, there’s no energy in the world that can stop you from really networking: connecting with other people through the heart and the soul.

Don’t you think we’ve done enough “brain-storming” and “think-tanking” already?

What about “soul sharing”?

Sharing the most precious gift there is: YOU!

Sharing it with all the other YOUs on the planet without preconceived ideas, egocentric interests, fear-based self-focus…

The key: don’t think about doing it. Just do it and feel the blessing and the warmth inside of you by sharing…

The real paradigm shift is as easy as you can get: learning by doingbeing by sharing…loving by shining!  Being and becoming YOURSELF! 

It is about envisioning our common future by seeing with new eyes, perceiving and living the global vision, not only rationally grasping the big picture.

This is the real “re-naissance”, the true re-enchantment of us and nature

Constantly regard the universe as one living being, having one substance and one soul; and observe how all things have reference to one perception, the perception of this one living being; and how all things act with one movement; and how all things are the cooperating causes of all things which exist.


Do I hear you counter: it’s altogether naïve, illusionary, impossible, only a lofty dream?

Deep down in yourself, and confronting yourself, only yourself, do you really think it is naïve, illusionary, impossible, only a lofty dream?

Think again!

It is real. And the only thing that still eludes us is a global conviction, a global will, a global goodwill, a global vision and global action!

The question still remains: do we really, really want this to become true, all of us together?

Are we ready to make the real shift, all of us together?

Yes, we can make the dream come true: simply by being, by being ourselves and so making the world – eventually – a better place.

What are we waiting for?

Do you feel the creative drive to really go for it?

Then join us and share your passion, drive and commitment for the greater good of humanity and our precious planet.

Let’s shine, step out & act together!