Looking Back, Looking Ahead

LOOKING BACK: 2012 – 2017


From 2012 until early 2017, the foundations for an emergent world-class (= for the greatest good of our world) organization/community have been laid: GlobalVisionSharing.com, GVS.

In January 2016, www.globalvisionsharing.net went online.
Right away, it enjoyed and received world-wide praise and enthusiasm.

As on offspring of this enthusiasm, my PPLN (Personal en Professional LinkedIn Network) grew already to 30.000+ and is still expanding at an amazing pace.

On 24 December 2016, GVS launched in cooperation and co-creation with US based CTP (Complete The Picture – www.completethepicture.com) its online Global Fundraising Campaign. Enjoy the Trailer of this Crowdfunding/Fundraising Campaign Trailer here:

On 24 December 2016 as well, a mass mailing was sent out to 10.000+ worldwide. Thanks to the incoming donations, we managed to fine-tune our site and make it more user-friendly.

In 2017, unfortunately we were forced to take our site offline due to repeated and violent Russian cyber hacking.

The excellent news: as of September 2019, our brand-new site – this time cyber hacking proof – will be online again, and soon after in 7 languages: EN/FR/DE/NL/HU/IT/ES.

GVS Is A Global Project For The Greatest Good of Humanity!

Completely in line with the core motto of the GVS Portfolio of Products & Services: Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. – Victor HUGO… both STILL (Spiritual Transformation In Life and Living) and SBI (Spirituality & Business Interface) were born to create and offering a new kind of flow!

Over the years, GVS has built a “goldmine” of expertise, knowledge, skill/tool set as well as wisdom in the field of both the Global Personal Development Industry and Spirituality & Business Interface.

GVS has been translating and leveraging its massive “inner capital” and inspiring and challenging assets into a concrete and hands-on set of tools to be used in cutting-edge management, leadership, the future of work, education, communication, the sector of care, newest economic and business models alike.

GVS is dedicated to put its resources in the market and roll out its global project for the greatest good of our world in cooperation with an as broad as possible worldwide support and in co-creative partnership with both the financial backing of visionary investors, major policy-making authorities, influential foundations, leading national and international think tanks, pioneering entrepreneurs, change making citizen participations, and responsible, prospective, and forward-looking positive media.

In 2015, GlobalVisioning.net, GVS’s predecessor, organized two very successful high-level conferences in Budapest and Eindhoven respectively on: STB = Spiritual Transformation in Business (STB) – Exploring the meaning, the advantage and the unique added value of spirituality for leadership and innovation in organizations.
In 2019/2020, further STB conferences are planned in Brussels, Paris, London, Berlin, Vienna, Munich, Zürich, and in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan,…

As of January 2020, GVS will be convening yearly a series of 6 GVS Dialogues/Trialogues between a Top CEO, a Spiritual Leader and a Manager who already linked these two seemingly opposite “narratives”.
These GVS Dialogues/Trialogues will be staged on prestigious locations in Flanders, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Hungary, the UK,…
The cycle of the 6 GVS Dialogues/Trialogues will be available as a forthcoming book publication.
On 7 August 2017, Andras Laszlo was invited to conduct an international online webinar: How To Shift Into The DNA Of A Spiritual Enterprise? organized by MILE – MEDINAH INSTITUTE FOR LEADERSHIP & ENTREPRENEURSHIP (KSA= Kingdom of Saudi Arabia): http://www.mile.org.
A replay of the webinar can still be accessed on the MILE site. 

On 13 September 2017, Andras Laszlo gave two presentations in Tienen for an enthusiastic audience on STM – Spiritual Transformation through Music.

As a follow-up, and as of 2019, STM will be expanded into a one-year course: From Personal Development to Spiritual Enfoldment and Maturity.

This STM Extra Large Course consisting of 12 Modules will explore SM&L = SMT + SML = Spiritual Transformation through Music + Self Modulating Leadership.

Andras Laszlo is preparing a number of articles (to be published as of fall 2019/2020) as well as the following five forthcoming books:


  • Personal Development 5.0: Spiritual Transformation – A New Co-creative Narrative Of/ For Humanity
  • The Ultimate ROI of Spiritual Leadership in/for the 21th Century
  • Female Leadership
  • Spiritual Transformation through Music
  • From Personal Development To Spiritual Attunement, Fulfillment and Gratification


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