GVS is dedicated to:


  1. Co-create and manifest the Spiritual Transformation In Life and Living (STILL).
  1. Explore its most challenging and innovative flagship product, Spiritual Transformation in Business (STB) Exploring the meaning, the advantage and the unique added value of spirituality for leadership and innovation in organizations with organizations, the public and the media.
  1. Engage business people in the GVS Spirituality & Business Dialogue Series.
  1. Serve enterprises, institutions, political parties, civil society, business school, unions,…with a new model of Spiritual Communication.
  1. Share a new model of education: Spiritual Education.
  1. Convene cutting-edge, high-level seminars around the newest and sustainable economic & financial models: the Spiritual Perspective.
  1. Introduce a revisited and unique „coaching” experience: SAP, Spiritual Attuning and Processing.
  1. Uplift CSR to a next level: Corporate Spiritual Responsibility.
  1. Align presence, passion, patience, people, planet, profit, perception, perseverance, purposefulness, prosperity, praise, and p
  1. Co-convene & crystallize a Global Spiritual Network of Networks of Excellence.

“Nothing is more powerful then an idea who’s time has come.”

Victor HUGO