Message from the Founding President and CEO Andras Laszlo

We are living in the most exciting times, to say the least

It’s not a cycle any more, it’s a real mutation, a transition, a genuine transformation.

The whole world is on fire, adrift and shaken

To the very core of its being, its soul

In fact, the whole globe is on the brink of imploding and vanishing.

And the people of the world?

What are they feeling?

Surely, they are now experiencing their most dramatic inner crisis:

The sheer crisis of the spirit and the soul!

Everybody is desperately longing and craving

For a life of meaningfulness, warmth and dignity.

Yet, the name of the game is still

Productivity, pay, performance and profit

But these four Ps are fuelled by four Fs:

Fear, frustration, failure, and all that is fake

Where are the other Fs:

Family, friends, flow and fun?

Democracy, change, sustainability, excellence, spirituality,

Citizenship, communication, even love…all words

That have become shallow, with virtually no real meaning anymore

The world is still dominated by fear, selfishness, perception,

Exclusion and hypocrisy.

Humanity has set the stage for its own extinction

In the name of profit and free market

Social values are being reduced to

Sheer materialism and mindless consumerism

And the monetary power reigns

The supposedly free societies!

The Big Question now is: where are we headed?

Where is Europe headed? Where is the World headed?

Where is our precious Blue Planet headed?

The world desperately and urgently needs

A New Dream and a New Deal

A New Global Master Plan!

The dehumanization of society has to stop!

Nothing less than a Global Spiritual Renewal is called for!

GVS provides a unique window of opportunities:

The aim is to create a challenging, yet timely and most urgently needed

Global Spiritual Platform of Sustainable Excellence.

In the light of Margaret Mead’s seminal insight:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people

Can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever did.”


GVS is to provide

A Global Cultural Creative Emergence Sharing Platform

For change agents of all walks of life

To meet and share their visions for the future of our precious planet,

And to inspire people to become change agents themselves


GVS invites you to feel/think and act outside the box.

The focus lies on working together and joining forces

 seeing diversity as an opportunity

Because we are equally responsible for ourselves and the larger whole.

It is highly time to let go of our entrenched habits of mind and belief systems

And to find and sustain a new way of seeing

New mental maps are pivotal to restore the lost avenues of the human spirit:

The capacity for awe, wonder, mystery, art, music, love and compassion,

And the search for higher ground and meaning.

The passion, drive & commitment of GVS

Is to relish the challenge and live up to the expectations

Of so many – young and elder people alike – worldwide

To bring about genuine change…!

Let’s dream together, because the dream of one person remains just a dream;

Yet, dreaming together is the start of a new reality

A new reality that starts with each of us…

By BEING the difference!

– Andras Laszlo –

“Nothing is more powerful then an idea who’s time has come.”

Victor HUGO


Andras Laszlo

Andras Laszlo

András László (1954) is a philologist, philosopher, translator/interpreter, journalist, musician (violinist), manager/consultant, concert organizer, and international conferences moderator.

In 1976, he got his MA at the Catholic University of Louvain on a fairy tale/opera of Hugo von Hofmannsthal/Richard Strauss Die Frau ohne Schatten – Die Zeitproblematik unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Figuren Kaiserin und Kaiser.  After his postgraduate studies (philosophy, psychology and sociology) in Germany (Münster,Bonn,  Marbach amNeckar), Yugoslavia (Dubrovnik) and France (Paris) over a period of 6 years, he started his active work as a free-lance journalist and a translator/interpreter.

As a journalist, he worked for the Belgian daily Newspaper De Standaard (section Culture and Science), produced over 30 radio (literary, cultural, scientific and philosophical) programmes for the cultural section of the Belgian National Radio (Radio 3 – Woord).

As a translator/interpreter (Dutch, French, Hungarian, English and German), he worked for the American Embassy, Interbrew, Motorola, Texaco, Bandag, and many other multinationals.

As a professional (simultaneous and consecutive) conference interpreter (NL/HU/EN/FR/DE), he has been working since 1999 for more than 30 multinationals throughout Europe.

As a consultant to Belgian companies wanting to integrate the Hungarian market, he worked for Interbrew, Marlux, ABB Insurance Company, Berlitz, UCB, Lafarge Coppée

In 1993-1994, he was a Sales Representative for the Belgian N° 1 Tile Company Marlux in Hungary.

From 1993 to 1997, he acted as Deputy to the President of the Club of Budapest and gained expertise in the organization of international conferences, colloquia and concerts (Budapest, Brussels, Paris, Strasbourg, Frankfurt).

From 1997 to 1998, he was appointed Vice-President and Managing Director of the Club of Budapest Foundation.

He was honored and fortunate to work with so many outstanding visionary icons: Ervin Laszlo (President of CoB), H.H; The XIVth Dalai Lama, Maurice Béjart, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Riane Eisler, Rivka Golani, Jane Goodall, H.E. Vaclav Havel, Hazel Henderson, H. E. Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Miklós Jancsó, Gidon Kremer, Ken-Ichiro Kobayashi, Zubin Mehta, Lord Yehudi Menuhin, Robert Muller, Edgar Morin, H.E. Karan Singh, Peter Russell, Sir Georg Solti, Sir Edmund Sternberg, Liv Ullmann, Sir Peter Ustinov, Elie Wiesel, Betty Williams, Muhammed Yunus, to name but a few Honorary Members of the CoB.

As a lecturer, cultural bridge-builder and game changer, he particularly focuses on the synergies between spirituality and management.

From 1999 to 2001, he studied management at the International School of Management ENPC in Paris where he prepared an MBA thesis on Spirituality and Business – a New Paradigm for Management in the 3rd Millennium.

He worked as a free-lance journalist for the economic weekly Trends and Trends tendances where he covered management issues.

He is a Member of The European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Salzburg (Austria) (; Founding fellow of the Global Collaborators’ Alliance (GCA, US); Senior Fellow of the Global Dialogue Institute, Haverford (US) (; The Institute for Human Economics, Maine (US) (; The Europe of Cultures Forum (BE), The Flemish Association of Professional Journalists (Vlaamse Vereniging van Beroepsjournalisten – VVJ) (; EBBF (European Baha’í Business Forum –; The Club of Rome Brussels-EU Chapter (, Associate Fellow of the World Academy for Art and Science ( Member of The Friends of Hungary Foundation/Magyarország Barátai Alapítvány (

He is Director International Affairs of the Hungarian Institute for Strategic Research ( and was the Hungarian National Coordinator of the NewPOL Network (

His assets and added value as a moderator of (national & international) conferences: he is an excellent listener, has an outstanding fluency in EN/FR/DE/NL/HU, and is a co-creative dialogue facilitator.

As President and CEO of (GVS),* his passion, drive and commitment is to (co-)create a challenging, yet timely and most urgently needed Global Spiritual Platform of Sustainable Excellence. The Mission of Spiritual Transformation in Life and Living, STILL .

STB = Spiritual Transformation in Business (STB) – Exploring the meaning, the advantage and the unique added value of spirituality for leadership and innovation in organizations not only constitutes the flagship product of GVS Portfolio of most challenging and innovative products & services, it is also designed to launch a global co-creative platform/movement, and invite to concrete value-driven, spiritually inspired action!

From the outset, GVS has been dedicated to take CSR to a next level: CSR= Corporate Spiritual Responsibility. GVS will be introducing the missing link: the spiritual approach. GVS will be inviting today’s businesses to challenge their business models, to re-invent their organizations so as to being in sync with the ever increasing complexities and challenges in our societies. GVS Corporate Spiritual Responsibility is accessing a whole new range of corporate responsibilities by widening and deepening the perspective to a spiritual one.

GVS is dedicated go well beyond the 3 p’s (people, planet, and profit) so as to align the 13 p’s: presence, passion, patience, people, planet, profit, perception, perseverance, purposefulness, prosperity, pleasure, praise, and peace.

As a leader/manager, his main focus is to introduce, facilitate and consolidate Spiritual Leadership to/in all levels of management (top-, middle- and the work floor).

Last but not least, he has positioned himself as a successful, internationally highly sought after motivational, transformational speaker.

Andras Laszlo is preparing a number of articles (to be published as of fall 2019/2020) as well as the following five forthcoming books:

  • Personal Development 5.0: Spiritual Transformation – A New Co-creative Narrative Of/ For Humanity
  • The Ultimate ROI of Spiritual Leadership in/for the 21th Century
  • Female Leadership
  • Spiritual Transformation through Music
  • From Personal Development To Spiritual Attunement, Fulfillment and Gratification

    As a concert organizer, he is particularly grateful and proud to have organized his 4th concert as a tribute to his late father André László: Festive Commemorative Centennial Concert on April 28, at de Werf, Aalst:


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