GlobalVisionSharing, GVS is a Global Project For The Greatest Good Of Humanity.

GlobalVisionSharing, GVS is preparing a new global vision: a Global Spiritual Platform of Sustainable Excellence (GSPSE): this is the unique selling proposition (USP) we believe is required for us to finally emerge from the crises, thereby offering a new dream and deal, a new frequency and new, and a completely new narrative. Its mission, therefore, is to invite people to, inspire them with and serve them through a Spiritual Transformation In Life and Living – STILL.

                Unconditional Love

                                           Being Together

              Intuition of Light

GSPSE stands for:

  • a transition to a new societal model, a new image of the human being;
  • a transformation towards a more balanced economic model as well as a more sustainable financing model – in which everyone benefits, and not just the wealthy;
  • an alternative child-raising and educational model that re-highlights creativity, individual responsibility and entrepreneurship of young people;
  • a transition to a more balanced and humane labor market;
  • the transcendence of the current obsolete and crippled power structures;
  • a transition to a more authentic communication that really matters; and
  • last but not least, a transformation towards positive media

It is high time that we transcend the doom-saying message of acronym tina – “there is no alternative” –, and that we literally enter a new, authentic, and sustainable era with era as the new acronym: ethically responsible action, isn’t it?

A man is ethical only when life, as such, is sacred to him, that of plants and animals as well as that of his fellowman, and when he devotes himself helpfully to all life that is in need of help.


As part of STILL, GlobalVisionSharing, GVS is eager to share its most challenging and innovative product; Spiritual Transformation in Business (STB) Exploring the meaning, the advantage and the unique added value of spirituality for leadership and innovation in organisations – with organisation, the public and the media after already two most successful STB Conferences held in Budapest, Hungary and Eindhoven, The Netherlands in 2015.

As of autumn 2019, GlobalVisionSharing, GVS is determined to roll STB out in partnership with and with the financial backing of major decision-making bodies as well as the entrepreneurial world in order to create a broad societal support for it.

From the outset, STB has been designed to launch a global co-creative platform/movement, and invite to concrete value-driven, spiritually inspired and shared action both locally and globally!


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